Health And Safety Protocol

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we will be following strict guidelines in order to protect the safety of our clients and employees. Please keep in mind that these guidelines will be in effect during the period of the COVID-19 pandemic and may be adjusted as necessary, and they will be reduced when it is safe to do so.

The way of working and delivering of service to our clients has had to change and adapt to protect the health & safety of both our staff and clients. Here is our guide as to what you can expect when visiting SunburyX

Booking & Consultation

  • We ask you to refrain from attending if you are displaying any symptoms of COVID 19

  • In order to practice social distancing, we will accept clients by APPOINTMENT ONLY

  • We will be running our schedule by telephonic or online scheduling only
  • There will be less clients in the salon at any one time to adhere to the distancing measures

Protective Equipment

  • Upon arrival you will be given your own individually wrapped bag containing a face mask, Shoe covers or if you wish you may bring yourself. Clients will be expected to put these on when entering the salon
  • You will find all staff wearing a face mask and gloves
  • We kindly ask you to wear a face mask full duration of the appointment up until you exit the salon

Arriving at the Salon

  • We kindly ask clients to arrive alone and with limited belongings
  • You will be asked to wash or sanitize your hands before you are seated
  • To limit the risk of infection there will be no magazines or newspapers available
  • To limit the risk of infection there will be no refreshment service (no tea/coffee will be served). But you may bring your own drink
  • We will limit the number of persons in the waiting area in the salon. It is recommended that clients wait outside the salon until the Hairdresser is ready to serve them
  • To limit the risk of infection there will be no cloakroom service
  • We kindly ask that clients respect appointment times and we apologise in advance if we experience any delays. Please rest assured that any delay will be communicated in advance
  • We kindly ask that all client refrain from handshakes or hugging
  • Temperature checks – In order to maintain a safe environment each client entering the salon will have their temperature taken using an infrared thermometer.
    Any client who has a temperature above 37.8°C will be sent home immediately and not allowed to return to the salon until they have no fever and no evidence of COVID-19 symptoms.

However, temperatures can be raised due to the heat or stress upon arrival, so if it is marginally over, they will ask the client to wait for 10 minutes so they can cool down and reassess again.

  • Symptom Check – Before carrying out any services, all clients entering the salon will be asked the following questions: Have you had a cough? Have you had a fever? Have you been around anyone exhibiting these symptoms within the past 14 days? Are you living with anyone who is sick or quarantined?

Before carrying out any service a member of our staff will ask you/or may ask to sign a digital waiver. This is to ensure you understand that whilst we are taking all precautionary measures to help limit the risk is of infection you may be exposed on your way to the salon.


  • There will be no offering of dry cuts. Every client must have their hair washed
  • Also we will not provide some beauty treatments such as facials and threading
  • All equipment is well sterilized after each use
  • Maintain social distancing at all times! Spacing between persons in the salon should be at least 1- 2 metres where possible, except when one member of staff is servicing a client

Salon Exit

  • We encourage you to pay by card and avoid taking cash. Contactless payment is preferred where possible
  • You may make payments upfront/ the day before of the appointment due to two reasons; high demand of appointment slots and the fact we can reduce the need for contact at the end of the treatment. We will be operating a strict cancellation policy and 100% of fee will be charged for no show
  • Please do not handle the retail products, a member of staff will assist you
  • Future appointment confirmations will be sent out via email/SMS or feel free to make a note yourself with your own pen/diary

Risk Assessments

The most important factor for SunburyX is the safety of our team and our clients. It is imperative we are meticulous in making sure salon is safe as possible. Many control measures have been put in place to reduce the risk from Coronavirus (Covid-19).

For your confidence you can view our Covid-19 Risk Assessments. 

Many thanks for your understanding & continued support!